Pest Expel Canada offers safe and humane snake extermination, trapping, control, and exclusion services. We offer snake pest control Brampton services to get rid of any snakes that may have made your property or basement their home. We can handle any situation involving snakes.

Snakes are skilled climbers. You should expect them to investigate potential entry points in your home’s foundation, attic, and basement. If you successfully raise a litter of snakes on your land, the females will likely return there year after year to give birth to their offspring.


There are about 120 different snake species in North America, and 17 of them are poisonous. Well, there is a wide variety of environments where snakes can be found. Snakes, like all other reptiles, consume meat, and they typically consume it whole.

These snakes will only consume prey that is no bigger than three times their own body thickness at the widest point. Having snakes around can aid with rodent control. A snake in the house is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with physically.

Whenever you need it, our snake control and removal Brampton service is here for you. If the snake is no longer there when we come, we can remove it manually, or we can install traps to catch it.

But getting rid of the snake is only the beginning. We also need to determine how the snake gained entry and then secure any potential points of entry. Since snakes can climb, swim, and crawl, it’s important to seal up every possible entry point.