Brampton and the surrounding area share the same rodent problems that plague other major Canadian cities and towns. Despite their cute appearance, these rodents may swiftly infest a building, leading to health issues and expensive repairs.

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How do Mice Infest homes and buildings so quickly?

Mice can rapidly and efficiently infest structures for several different reasons.

  1. Mice are territorial, yet they often congregate with other mice. As a result, spotting one mouse usually indicates the presence of many others.
  2. Mice have a rapid reproduction rate. They can reproduce extremely rapidly in the group setting. Twenty days after mating, female mice give birth to six to nine young litter. They mature into fully destructive adults at least six weeks after birth. Mice can have anywhere from seven to eleven litters per year and live for four to five years on average.
  3. Third, mice have impressive mobility. Mice can fit their tiny bodies into spaces as narrow as half an inch. They can easily enter buildings due to their superior climbing and jumping abilities.
  4. Mice prefer to sleep at night. They are most active at night, making them hard to notice. Well, they have excellent senses of hearing and sight, allowing them to vanish at the first sign of danger.

Why are Mice such a Problem in homes and buildings?

Mice may do incredible harm to both the framework and the aesthetics of a structure. Because of their social nature and ongoing need to reproduce, mice will gnaw on almost everything that could be used to construct a nest. 

Mice will gnaw on anything, including wood, paper, clothing, and books. Mice will also damage furniture and cardboard boxes to make a nesting site. Mice will also exploit the installation inside the walls as a nesting material.

How are mice harmful to humans?

During the night, mice will scurry around your home or building, gnawing on things, digging holes in the walls, and constructing nests. 

They will also eat from your food supplies and drink from your water sources, leaving their waste in urine and excrement. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LMC) is a potentially fatal infection spread through contact with mouse poop.

How do I know if I have mice in my home or building?

Mice are nocturnal and have keen hearing and vision. You might only know they’re there once it’s too late. Mice feces look like tiny black granules. And they are commonly located around nibbled food or other signs of rodent activity. Mice are especially audible late at night.

DIY Removal

Most individuals have at least a little bit of practice with mouse traps. These might work for a few mice. But it’s impossible to know when you’ve caught them all.

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