There are health risks connected with birds. Often the risks are exaggerated but nevertheless, huge populations of roosting birds may present the risk of transmission of diseases to people. The most serious health risks arises from sickness organisms that grow in the nutrient-rich accumulations of bird droppings, leaves, feathers, nesting materials and other debris under their roosts. Also, birds may also carry parasites and insects to your site.



There are a lot of different bird control systems. The use of each bird control system depends on the species of bird. Our qualified staff does an inspection and gives you a free quote. Successful bird proofing jobs mean peace of mind, longer lasting roofs, less plugged gutters and less cleaning. Normally, we use metal mesh to block birds from nesting on roofs. This method called “Exclusion” is more humane and more sensible while providing a permanent wall against roosting birds. Our wildlife team is particularly qualified to remove squirrels and prevent unnecessary stress or injury to the animals. This is also a sensible and economical approach. The cruel killing, trapping or relocation of numerous pests is illegal. Our concentrate on client education and latest humane removal & prevention methods makes us a front-runner in urban wildlife control. We give specialist repairs to keep animals out of the attic and home as well as off the roof. We give full roof and siding repairs and can install or repair deterrents like chimney caps, vent covers and install wire mesh screens which give good pest control and prevention.