Consistency and thoroughness are essential in pest management. If not handled properly, protecting your property against pests and rodents can hurt your lifestyle. There are numerous approaches people take to address this issue, which we’ll go into shortly. By adhering to the best mice control Brampton practices, you provide yourself and your property with the best possible protection. 

Controlling rodents effectively consists of three steps: seal, trap, and clean up. Limiting how rats can enter your property is an excellent place to start. But if they do get in, placing traps and eliminating exposed food sources will deter them from creating a home. Looking for additional advice? 

Please read some of our essential guidelines below!

Things to do before treatment

Make sure you demonstrate to the technician every area of concern. To ensure that the area is addressed appropriately, remove any clutter from trouble areas. Before or after our treatment, please avoid using organic or over-the-counter rat control Brampton solutions, as this could interfere with the proper functioning of our chemicals.

An excellent strategy to prevent mice infestations from growing or occurring is to rodent-proof your home. By removing simple access points and ports of entry, you may protect your property against mice. This can be challenging because mice can fit through even the tiniest apertures (a quarter of an inch or less). 

Sanitation is highly recommended

Mice won’t go away with good cleanliness, but they will be drawn to it. The lids of garbage cans need to be fastened firmly. It is necessary to remove any overgrown grass or brush around the foundation. Rodents may find food in bird feeders as well.

Inspection plays a significant role

Your home’s exterior and interior are examined for signs of rodent or mouse activity. Our rodent control Brampton technician will perform checks for droppings, gnaw marks, body traces, and entry points.

Interior trappings are set

In question areas, traps are set and watched over. Every trap is placed in a sealed station where kids and pets cannot access it. Around the base of the building, there are secured, locked rodent stations. To ensure the proper mice control Brampton, these are baited with a rodenticide.

Guidelines to follow after treatment

Weekly checks on both exterior and interior stations are necessary during rodent control Brampton. All foundation cracks and gaps surrounding pipe and appliance exhausts, vents, and electrical chases should be sealed by the residence or place of business. 

Steel wool can be covered with foam to form robust, gnaw-proof barriers. Avoid using sealants that rodents can easily chew through, such as plastic, rubber, wood, or metal. Ensure the sweep on your door provides a seal against the threshold when closed. Get weather stripping for the spaces around your doors and windows. 

Control rodents and other pests with Pest Expel Canada

Set up your inspection with Pest Expel Canada immediately if you want to contain your issue. For your home or place of business, our knowledgeable rat control Brampton crew offers continuing pest control services so you can return to what matters.