There are a few things you can do to make your home less inviting to pests. However, you should always contact Pest Expel Canada professionals if you notice any signs of rats, bugs, or wild animals. Use these do-it-yourself pest control tips as a precautionary step.

First, clean up your lawn

Reducing their hiding spots is one of the most effective pest removal Richmond Hill ways to keep wild animals away from your home. Mice, chipmunks, and other rodents like them must avoid birds of prey. Therefore, they hide in dense cover like bushes or heaps of fallen branches.

If you regularly dispose of yard garbage on your property, wildlife may start to hunt for new hiding spots. Firewood stored outside might provide shelter for or be a food source for animals. Firewood should be kept from the house to prevent pest animals from entering.

Take away their food and water supply

Leave pet food and water bowls outside if you have an outdoor pet. Doing so guarantees the arrival of unwanted critters. Food and water must be sourced from natural means as well.

Do you need help with puddles forming in your yard? This is an excellent time to work on drainage so that animals stay out of the water. Remember that rodents enjoy birdseed as much as the birds do, and consider relocating the feeder or getting rid of it altogether.

Locate and repair foundational issues

If you have a basement or crawlspace, animals can quickly enter your home through vents, air conditioning lines, and foundational crevices. Even a hole the size of a quarter is enough for mice and other small rodents to squeeze through and cause problems.

Check for cracks in the foundation at every intersection of different building materials. Use expanding foam to seal any holes you may find. Look out for issues with your foundation since these can lead to costly repairs and access sites for small animals.

Check the outside of your roof for any cracks

Where do the critters go up there? A diligent animal hunting for shelter will find any opening in your roof, no matter how little. Check the outside of your Richmond Hill roof for any cracks or openings, especially near the chimney, skylights, and vents.

If you can access your attic, you should also check inside to ensure no potential entrance points have been missed. Signs of animal occupancy will be more obvious when you clean and tidy your attic.

Climbing animals like squirrels and birds can easily access your roof by stooping from surrounding trees. To discourage them, cut back bushes and trees to a safe distance from your home.


It’s wise to take pest control Richmond Hill precautions like these. The best approach to keep pests and wildlife at bay is keeping your yard and house neat at all times. Create a pest-free haven at home with the advice in this article.