Squirrels and raccoons enter your house without a warning. These pests can bother you, and can also harm your property. The worst part about them is that they can cause health and wellness issues among humans. These pests reproduce quickly and can capture your home by multiplying in number. This makes it hard to control them. But, if you use the best pest control Brampton, squirrels and raccoons will not be able to bother you.

Why it is important to control Squirrels and Raccoons?

It’s important to know why squirrel and raccoon control is needed for a house. These cute animals with fur might seem okay, but they can cause damage to your home and also be bad for health. Squirrels and raccoons are born climbers, so they often get into attics, chimneys or tight spots under the house. When they get inside, these animals can cause a lot of harm by biting through wires, covering materials and even strength things. This not only affects the safety of your home but also cause damage to electrical wires and other expensive fixes. Moreover, they can carry diseases like rabies and roundworm. These illnesses can be passed on to people and pets too. Their poop also has danger because it can make the air dirty with bad germs and mold.

Common signs of squirrel and raccoon infestation

Recognizing usual signs of squirrel and raccoon takeover is important for correctly handling them to keep your home free from these pests. These little but smart animals can do a lot of harm if we don’t stop them. If you know what to watch out for, it will help stop them from entering your property. One way to know if you have a squirrel problem is seeing chewed holes or bite marks on different things. Squirrels have very strong teeth that keep growing all the time. This makes them chew on stuff like wood, wires and even plastic pipes every day. Look for things that squirrels use to build nests, like leaves and sticks. Raccoon existence can also show clear signs. Look for trash cans that have been tipped over, garbage all around and animal footprints nearby. 

Methods to catch and get rid of squirrels and raccoons

When it comes to dealing with these pests, trapping them and taking them away can help make sure your home is safe from animals. But remember, it’s essential to be careful and put the safety of both animals and yourself with the right squirrel control Brampton. A common way to catch them is by using live traps. These traps are made to catch the animals without hurting them. It’s important to pick the right size of trap for the animal you want. A trap that is too small can hurt and a big one might not work well on animals it was made for. To make sure the trap works well, put it in places where you often see these animals or there are signs they’ve been. This will help catch them more likely. 

DIY Repellents and Natural Methods to Deter Squirrels and Raccoons

To stop these pests from getting into your house, using homemade repellents or natural ways can work. These ways not only help the environment but also give a safe and kind way to control pests.
A common homemade bug-away solution is to use spicy things. Squirrels and raccoons have a good sense of smell. They are often kept away by strong smells. Sprinkling cayenne pepper, chili powder or garlic powder in areas where these animals often go can help make a block that they don’t like. Make sure you put these spices on again often, especially after rain or watering as they might get weak with time.

The smell from a danger animal warns them to stay away. You can buy animal urine, like from foxes or coyotes. Then you use it around your house border and in spots where these creatures have been seen.

Seek professional help by getting in touch with Pest Expel Canada

Even though there are many ways to manage squirrels and raccoons yourself, sometimes you might need the help of a professional. At Pest Expel Canada we can save your time and energy. In cases of big bug outbreaks or ongoing issues, we offer professional help. If you’ve used many ways and these pests still come back, it means that an expert is needed. A natural way to stop squirrels and raccoons is by using smells that scary animals give off. These creepy bugs are naturally scared of animals that eat them. We have the experience and the right tools to take out infestations. Our team of experts can stop them from returning to your property with the best raccoon control Brampton.