Get rid of centipedes immediately to keep your peace of mind. Having centipedes or any other pest in your home makes you feel less safe and in control. These easy steps will help keep centipedes out of your home and eliminate them if they stay there. Let’s dive into the discussion of five tips that will help you with centipede control Brampton in your home or place of business.

Sticky traps for centipedes to catch them

Sticky traps are an excellent way to catch centipedes before you see them. They are accommodating if you think you have them but need clarification or if you know you do but can’t catch them. If you want to see centipedes, you should put the traps near cracks and corners, where they like to hide. Remember to clean out the traps occasionally in case something gets stuck on them.

Sealing main points of entry

Stopping them from getting into your home is as easy as sealing the holes they use to get in. As an added plus, this will keep other pests out of your home. At this point, one important thing to do is seal up any cracks in the base and eliminates gaps between windows or doors.

Getting rid of them by getting rid of other bugs

This centipede removal Brampton trick works because of how it sounds. Because you took away its food, they will die of hunger or move to where it can find food. You may have to do more work with this method because you also have to find other pests in your home. But it does get rid of them without dealing with them directly.

Making sure the house is dry

Because centipedes need a wet environment, removing any extra water in the house will dry them out and kill them. Check the basement and other parts of the house for wet spots where centipedes could live and grow. Silica packets can be put in the dampest parts of your home to pull water from the ground and the air. You can also use a dehumidifier to lower the overall moisture inside.

Getting rid of junk

Getting rid of clutter in your home effectively eliminates them because it takes away their hidden places. When you move storage bins and stacks away from being on the wall or the floor, you take away two of the best places for centipedes to hide. Also, moving organic matter away from your house makes it less likely that centipedes will come inside because that’s where their food hides.


These tips should help eliminate or lessen the number of centipedes in your home. The good news is that these creatures don’t usually appear in big groups. If you can eliminate the few you see, you should be fine. Sometimes, getting rid of pests is more challenging than you’d like, but you can always call a pest control expert for help. Again, if you’re afraid of centipedes and can’t get rid of them yourself, you got it. Call a pest control professional from Pest Expel centipede control Brampton.