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Our staff at Pest Expel Canada is here to serve the Brampton area whenever you require comprehensive, skilled pest control services. For many years, we’ve also served residents and business owners who need practical, cost-efficient pest control without compromising safety or the environment. Our services are adaptable to any style of structure and can deal with any insect problem or wildlife issue.

Why should you contact Pest Expel Canada?

We address all your pest concerns

We’ll address your concerns about pest treatment and arm you with the data you need to protect your home and loved ones. Whether you have a raccoon in the attic or a termite infestation, our staff can give a quick and effective solution to help you figure out what to do next.

Emergency services near you

In Brampton and the neighboring towns, we provide emergency services. You can have access to a member of our staff whenever you need them, day or night, and we can swiftly address any issues that may arise.

Knowledgeable crew

Regarding resolving pest control difficulties, the Pest Expel Canada crew is among the best in the area. Every hour of every day, our staff is hard at work expanding their knowledge of pests in taking preventative measures against modern problems.

Our comprehensive service selection

Our dedicated professionals at Pest Expel Canada clearly understand a range of pest control challenges. From removing bed bugs from the home to ensuring the effective removal of skunks and raccoons, we can offer a full suite of services.

Dealing with pest control issues: but how?

Before Pest Expel Canada comes in, here are some pointers from the pros to help you get a handgrip on your pest problem:

Get in touch with a pest control service

We know that performing it alone can be a liberating experience at times. Larger pests, such as raccoons and rodents, should be handled cautiously due to the risk of spreading lethal diseases through their bite. The damage done by even the smallest of pests can add up quickly. 

Microscopic pests like termites and bed bugs can disrupt a home’s comfort and cause significant structural damage. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to call our pest control service!

Ensure home safety by evacuating all occupants

During a pest problem, the foremost step in ensuring home safety is to evacuate all occupants, including dogs and children. Call a pest control or wildlife removal service in your region for advice. Clear off the area where the pest was discovered. Before the expert arrives, evacuate your pets to another part of the house safely.

After a pest has been eradicated from a property, it is common for the homeowner to take it easy, believing that the problem has been permanently removed. 

However, the issue may reoccur if the animals and their offspring return to the house in subsequent years. Read up on the warning signs of a pest control problem. And if you still have questions or concerns, call the pros at Pest Expel Canada.

You should never think of performing DIY methods for removing pests. Sometimes lack of knowledge about do-it-yourself methods can lead to huge damage to your house property. It is always a better option to firstly hire a professional pest control specialist for a proper house inspection.