List of Summer Pest Control Tips Woodbridge You Should Know

One of the most significant downsides to the summer season is the surge in the insect population. One minute, you’re enjoying the beautiful weather; the next, you’re dealing with a swarm of mosquitoes and a dozen itchy bites up and down your legs!

Fortunately, we’ve compiled our top summer tips for pest control Woodbridge to help you avoid bites and enjoy the outdoors. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Eliminate areas of standing water

When we say that you should eliminate areas of standing water, we’re not talking about getting rid of your swimming pool. In fact, the chlorine in your pool can actually repel bugs.

Instead, we suggest that you do your best to keep standing water in buckets, flower pots, and other areas to a minimum. Standing water is mosquito central — and you don’t want mosquitoes bugging you, do you?

2. Maintain your yard

A tidy yard makes for fewer bugs. Not only does it help with mosquito control, but it also cuts down on habitat for some of the most destructive garden insects. Do your best to remove yard waste, keep your grass mowed, and trim the hedges.

You can hire professional services from Pest Expel Canada for better ideas of controlling bedbugs successfully.

3. Store your firewood properly

Did you know that termites love firewood? You’re giving them a spot to collect before assaulting your home! The further away you store your firewood from your house, the better — but five feet is a minimum. Please keep it on racks, too: don’t let it rest on the ground.

4. Eliminate shelter & food sources

When we get a bug bite, we don’t even notice half the time. We identify the bite later on and take an educated guess as to what caused it.

That’s not the case for another common pest around the house and yard, though. It’s essential to eliminate shelter for bedbugs– such as lawn debris and thick shrubbery.

5. Inspect your vacation home carefully

Some bug bites are worse than others. There are plenty of home remedies out there for pest removal Woodbridge that can relieve bug bites. Some bugs produce bites so severe that it’s practically impossible to ease the itching. Bed bugs fall into this category.

If you’re staying in a vacation rental or hotel, pull back the sheets (including the mattress cover). Look for bloodstains and excrement on the surface of the mattress. Running a credit card along the bed’s edge can expose bits you’d otherwise miss.

6. Seal your doors & windows

It doesn’t matter which of the common summertime pests you’re talking about. This can be regardless of whether it’s mosquitoes, wasps, or even spiders. Keeping your doors and windows sealed is an effective way to keep them out. Check for gaps in your doors and holes in your window screens, and repair them as needed.

7. Use a pest control service

Insect repellent is a great way to keep the bugs away when you’re out and about. It would help if you didn’t have to worry about bugs at Woodbridge home. Unfortunately, too many homeowners struggle with pest problems every summer.

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